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The Different Kinds Of Sparkly Shoes

Majority of women love to wear sparkly shoes. These are glamorous, shimmering and glitzy shoes that every lady is always yearning to wear. The reason why ladies love sparklies is because they make them feel as if they are worth a million dollars. However, the kind of sparkly shoes ladies wear depends on their personality. Every lady must wear a shoe that looks stunning in her. One thing about these shoes is that they are adorned with sequins, bows, beads and jewels. Most of the ladies who wear these shoes do not take comfort into account because as far as impressing is concerned, comfort can be a second option.

Synthetic material or leather is usually the shoe material that many ladies prefer and it is unarguably true that no other material can beat leather when it comes to comfort. Although many ladies hate high heeled synthetic shoes because they are a major cause of discomfort, the truth is that they are ultimately the most ideal shoes for being sexy.

Sequined and jeweled shoes are also a great item to purchase. They are fun to wear and look fabulous. They brighten a plain pair of jeans without the need to have masses of jewelry. You can select from strappy sandals with beads or low heeled pumps that have glitzy bows. In addition, peep toe sandals with studded diamantes look extremely fabulous with any outfit. You can wear them at any time of the day if you need the wow factor.

Strappy sandals are extremely delicate shoes and require bling treatment. Covered with silver fasteners, buckles and shiny beads, they look glamorous on feet that are well groomed. Tiny heels and thin straps show off feet perfectly so you must step up to the challenge by splashing out some pedicure.

Tips To Pick The Right Pair Of Heels For Your Wedding

Selecting the right shoes for your wedding may seem as such an insignificant task but in reality it is never easy. There is an entire gamut of styles, sizes, shapes and colors to choose from that finding those perfect sparkly shoes to match your dream attire may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, with a few basic tips you can reduce your workload by working smart to find the ideal wedding heels.
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Choose Comfort over Cost
Understandably, everyone is on a budget with the tight economy these days. You may think that shoes are not so important so it is an area you can spend less to keep your budget in check. This is far from the case. While you should not overlook cost, it is important to find shoes that are comfortable. Keep in mind you will wear these shoes from dawn till dusk. You will walk down the aisle in them, pose for photographers, walk around and even dance in them. The lasting thing you want on your wedding day is wobbling around in your sparkly heels or straining your ankles on your special day. Here are tips to find the most comfortable wedding heels:
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§ Try them out when shopping around to see if they fit snugly and feel cosy
§ Look for shoes that have extra padding and designed specifically for special occasions
§ Consider getting your shoes dyed if finding the most comfortable pair that matches your
color is proving difficult
§ Buy your shoes a few weeks before the big day and wear them in the house to get them worn in so they will be eased up on the wedding day Select the Right Height
Selecting the right height for your heels is more than just for comfort. A killer pair of wedding heels adds the finishing touches to your flawlessly fitting gown to help you rock your bridal look. But what if those wonderful 6-inch stilettos leave you towering over the groom? Should you channel your inner Gisele and throw all caution to the wind or should you opt for heels that are more down-to-earth? There is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on how you and your husband-to-be are comfortable with the idea. If you cannot imagine yourself matching down the walkway with at least a 4-inch heel, then by all means go for it However, if the matter is up for debate or if you are still undecided, here are some tips that might help:
Consider wearing two-inch heel — it will be just enough to extend your silhouette without towering over the groom.
Go for a smaller heel — This is a great option especially if you are the same height or taller than your partner. You do not have to compromise on style even if you are giving up a little heel. You will look just as fabulous in kitten heels, sweet ballet flats or sandals.
Buy shoe lifts for him — If your partner is open to the idea, you can have him wear shoe lifts to give him a one-or-two-inch boost during that day so that you can wear that to-die for pair of heels. There is nothing wrong with this, and celebs do it all the time

How To Ensure You Rock In Sparkly Shoes

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Let’s be honest with each other, sometimes all the world need is a little glamour, sparkle and glitter to drown the sorrows. It’s better to put your best foot forward once in a while and rock those glittery shoes you have locked up in your closet. And don’t just wear them in front of your mirror like you have done so many times before.
I dare you to flaunt your beauties outside and turn a couple of heads while at it. One thing though, will people be turning heads because you are killing it or could it be because you are looking hilarious?
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Here are a few tips that will ensure you get it right when rocking sparkly shoes.
 Laces and glitter always complements each other. Try rocking laced-up glitter shoes with a short skirt that reveals your gorgeous legs. You can top it up by wearing your man’s V-neck t-shirt.
 If you think going full-glitter is too much, you can definitely try some of those half-glitter shoes that will still achieve the glamour you desire. Skinny jeans and a white T-shirt will also be a good choice of attire to accompany the shoes.
You can never go wrong with dark, or at least, that’s the perception. dark boots with golden or silver sparkles will give you a stunning look. You can top it up by wearing a patterned top.
 Glitter and leather often from a very nice couple. You can wear your glistening shoes with a studded leather jacket and a pair of skinny wash jeans for that rocker look.
You need to save up for a pair of designer, sparkly shoes. Regular doesn’t serve you as well as would. In either case, always avoid over-accessorizing.
There you go.
Now you have all the arsenal you require to turn heads wherever you go, and for the right reasons too.